Apple releases iOS 10.2 public beta with new emojis, wallpapers and more

Apple has released its new iOS 10.2 public beta version for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  iOS 10.2 is a second major update of iOS 10 operating system which includes several upcoming features like Unicode 9.0 emoji, iPhone 7 wallpapers, and new camera features. below are the new upcoming features of iOS 10.2.ios-10-2

New wallpapers (only for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus)

It includes three new wallpapers but these are only for iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus users. These are the wallpapers of droplets dubbed as Droplet Blue, Droplet Red, and Droplet Yellow.

ios-102-wallpaper You can download these wallpapers using below link.

Download iOS 10.2 New Wallpapers

New widget for Videos app

iOS 10.2 also includes a new widget available for the Videos app. It will be accessible on the widgets panel by swiping to the right on the Home screen of an iPhone or iPad. This widget displays movies and TV shows in the Videos app, and a tap will cause content to play automatically.


New Preserve Camera setting

Now you can preserve your last camera settings using “Preserve Settings” option in the Settings App under “Photos & Camera”. This will let you preserve the last Camera Mode, Photo Filter, or Live Photo setting. I am sure, it will be more useful for those guys who love to click the phones.


New emoji (looks like Unicode 9.0 update/also on macOS 10.12.2, watchOS 3.1.1)

Emoji, a better-known feature to express the views effectively. iOS 10.2 will help in the much better way as it includes emoji like clown face, drooling face, selfie, fox face, owl, shark, butterfly, avocado, pancakes, croissant, and more. Several profession emoji (like a firefighter, mechanic, lawyer, doctor, scientist, and more) will be available in both male and female genders. Few existing emoji have also seen significant redesigns.


New ‘Press and Hold to Speak’ menu under Home Button Accessibility settings

Under Home button accessibility settings, there will be a new menu or “Press and Hold to Speak”.

New ‘Celebration’ Messages screen effect

There’s a new “Celebrate” Screen Effect available in iOS 10.2 updates. It is accessible when adding an effect to a message. Surely Apple device users will enjoy this.


New ‘Show Star Ratings’ option under Music Settings

You will get another new feature in this upgrade under “Music Settings” named as “Show Star Rating”. Using this option, you will be able to see star ratings of the song in a single tap.

New headphone icon in status bar for Bluetooth audio devices (previously seen with the Beats Solo3)

For Bluetooth audio devices, there will be a new headphone icon will be available in the status bar. It was previously seen with Beats Solo3. If you are not aware of Beats Solo3, it is the first available headphones featuring Apple’s new W1 chip.

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