ChromeOS 124 Rolling Out

Over the next few weeks, Google will be releasing ChromeOS 124, which includes a few noteworthy features for Chromebooks. After a Material You redesign, the ChromeOS Settings app now resembles an Android tablet interface. Earlier, there was a continuous feed of preferences, but now, each piece opens within a container as a standalone page. 

The majority of the features are still the same, including Network, Bluetooth, Connected devices, Privacy and security, Apps, Accessibility, and About ChromeOS with an icon and description for every item in the sidebar. Every item in the sidebar has an icon and a description. Then what’s new? Wallpaper and style along with System preferences. previouslySearch and Assistant, Storage management, Power, and settings were housed under Advanced.

Faster Split Screen Setup

Hovering over the maximize/minimize button located in the upper-right corner of the window to initiate a split is how Faster Split Screen Setup operates. On the other side of the screen, ChromeOS 124 will provide an “overview of your open windows.”

The behavior of dragging a window to the left or right edge when in Overview was already present, but before that, you could only snap one window into place. Go to Settings > System preferences > Windows and desks, now you have a new option.

WiFi QoS on ChromeOS

Furthermore, A Quality of Service (QoS) feature is now available in ChromeOS 124. You should anticipate fewer buffers and smoother video playback, just like with Nest Wifi. This could be especially helpful for Chromebooks used for gaming. It seems that there isn’t a setting accessible to users for this.

Fast Pair for HID

As for Fast Pair, it now works with a mouse. A single click will initiate the pairing process when you bring a mouse that is compatible with Fast Pair close to your ChromeOS device.

Maximize the mouse pointer slider’s size

Concurrently, you may now make your cursor bigger: “Those with low vision, educators wishing to allow students to follow along while they present, those giving a presentation via video conference, or anyone simply desiring a larger mouse cursor can all benefit from this information.”

ChromeOS M124

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Navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Touchpad and cursor. Once “Show large mouse cursor” is enabled, a slider with a range of Default to Large appears

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