Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ announced for Smartwatches with a new super scratch-resistant material

Corning Incorporated, the makers of Gorilla Glasses for your smartphones has announced Gorilla Glass SR+ for the smartwatches and wearables. Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ offers the combination of toughness, scratch resistance and optical clarity specially designed for wearable devices. The Gorilla Glass SR+ is the result of Project Phire’s research which combines Gorilla Glass’s ability to survive repeated drops and sapphire’s extreme scratch resistance together.


“In early 2015, Corning launched Project Phire with the goal of engineering glass-based solutions with the scratch resistance approaching luxury cover materials, combined with the superior damage resistance of Gorilla Glass,” said Scott Forester, director, innovation products, Corning Gorilla Glass. “Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ delivers a superior combination of properties that is not available in any other material today – it is in a class of its own.”

He also added that, for smartphones, the ability to sustain drops is the most important, while smartwatches need superior scratch resistance. That’s a big reason why Corning started offering SR+ as a glass for watches.


According to the Corning, the Gorilla Glass SR+ is designed to endure bumps, knocks and scrapes wearables encounter while maintaining the optical clarity and touch sensitivity required for on-the-go connectivity. Corning states that the new glass for wearable devices delivers up to 70% better damage resistance against impacts and 25% better surface reflection than those alternative materials. And with better optical performance than those alternative luxury cover materials, Gorilla Glass SR+ enables longer battery life and improved outdoor readability.

An Infographic by Corning itself, shows how the Gorilla Glass’s features combines with sapphire’s extreme scratch resistance technology to give the best of combination to the wearable devices in form of Gorilla Glass SR+.


Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ is now commercially available and the first product using Gorilla Glass SR+ will be a smartwatch which will be announced later this year. Corning is also looking forward to bring this new material to the traditional watches.



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