Facebook now turns your birthday wishes into a recap video to add more to your celebrations

Facebook has all the tricks to engage more with it’s audience and that is the reason they are ruling the Social media battle. And now they found another way to make you feel more special by making your birthday extra special. Leave behind all those Twitter balloons, and Snapchat wraps your messages like presents — Facebook has introduced a feature dubbed as Birthday Recap Videos and making it more special online.

The birthday recap video assembles the best wishes on the wall posts you got for your birthday into a cute little clip. This feature automatically creates a video the day after your birthday to highlight photos and messages from friends. Here is an Example:

The 45-second Birthday Recap Video – which will features a cheesy and magical colorful cake that opens up to reveal the birthday wishes – will appear on top of your News Feed the very next day. Users also have the option to edit this video and manually decide which posts they want to highlight, before sharing.  After you check out your video, you can choose to replace the photos or posts in it with the video editor.


This feature comes with a little concern – In order receive a Birthday Recap Video, you will need to receive at least three Facebook posts or photos on your birthday, this threshold might be a little low. Because a birthday recap video will look weird if the video just shows three generic “HBD!” when compared to others who got hundreds of birthday wishes, and their videos will probably be delightful.

Facebook has added some more cherries in your birthday celebrations. The Birthday recap videos are also the best way to say thanks to your friends and well wishers by mentioning in the video. So make your special day more Special. ENJOY!



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