10 New and upgraded features in iOS 10

When it comes to mobile OS, Apple always gives best to their users in each update of iOS. Although, Android users enjoy many number of loaded features on their smartphones and they have many options to choose from. But when it comes to quality experience, iOS users are far ahead of the Android. Following the same trend, Apple is coming with some new features in the upcoming iOS uodate and also upgrading some existing once in iOS 10.iOS10_features

Below are the listed features. Lets have a look-

1. Don’t stop the music

In the older versions of iOS when you open the camera app or viewing GIF file, music player get stopped automatically in background. But in iOS 10, music will continue in background without any interruption. So next time when you want to capture some beautiful moment, your favorite song is not going to be paused.

2. Edit dialed numbers

iOS users don’t have this features in their device. Now in iOS 10, finally iPhone users will be able to edit dialed numbers. User can delete entire number to correct it.

3. Search bar with history

Now next time when your going to search something on your device running on iOS 10, the search bar will display all recent search results which will help users to perform quick search and get desired results.

4. Raw image files

With this feature users will be able to save raw image files which can be processed later in iOS 10.

5. Better 3D Touch

3D  Touch is an awesome feature in iOS and in upcoming iOS 10, apple is planing to upgrade the functionality of 3D touch on your device in the future for better experience.

6. Close all tabs at once

In iOS 10, user will be able to close all the tab of Safari browser in single tap. this is one of the much needed feature for more friendly browsing experience. Next time you don’t need to close all the tabs one by one. All browsing lovers will definitely like this feature.

7. Color Settings

In the iOS 10 users will have the option to manage the color quality on their device display. With this feature you will be able to tweak the screen’s color settings according to your choice and comfort level. It will be very helpful for color blind people.

8. Print web pages as a PDF file

Most of the time we need to save the Webpage to read it for later and nothing is better than a PDF file for this purpose. But there is no option to save any web page to PDF in the older versions of iOS. But now in iOS 10, you will be able to save a webpage in PDF format.

9. Notifications stay for longer

At present iOS users have three options for managing their notifications-

  • No appearance of notifications on the screen.
  • Display as banners on top.
  • Display as banners in the center of the screen.

With this feature in iOS 10, you will be able to configure how long notifications appear on the screen.

10. Say goodbye to stock apps

In iOS 10, annoying pre-loaded apps like Stocks, Tips etc. can be deleted. Until now users don’t have the choice instead carrying the pre-loaded apps and wasting the device storage.

Like past many years, the Cupertino based tech giant unveiled the latest version of its mobile operating system — iOS 10 — at its developer’s conference.


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