Google Maps gets ‘OK Google’ support for Voice commands and search

Google has pushed a new update to it’s Maps app on Android to bring support for ‘OK Google’ with voice commands for the hands-free and eyes-free experience. According to Google, “The next time you enter navigation mode or driving mode, you can simply say “Ok Google” followed by a voice command, without needing to tap or even look at the screen.” All you need to have the latest versions of the Google Maps app and Google app on your Android smartphone.


How to Activate OK Google Settings on Google Maps

To activate the new feature of hands-free voice commands, go to the Settings and tap OK Google detection and enabling the While driving setting. This will allow you to say “Ok Google” during navigation in Google Maps. If you want to use this feature anywhere on your device, all you need to enable the Always on setting. You can turn off “Ok Google” detection settings on your device by toggling the settings to the off position.


Google Maps voice search and commands on Android

Once you done with the OK Google settings, you can use voice commands like “What’s my next turn?” “What’s my ETA?” “What road is this?” “What’s my next turn?” and many more. In addition to all this, you can now ask the app to “Show / Hide traffic,” “How’s traffic ahead?”, “Avoid tolls / highways / ferries” and even you can say “Play some jazz”, “Send a text”, or maybe even “Call mom” or “Find gas stations.” or “Find restaurants.” Here’s a complete cheat sheet with more of the voice commands you can use in Google Maps.

To use the OK Google settings, all you have to get the latest versions of the Google Maps app and Google app on your Phone.



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