Don’t miss any update on Facebook from your closed ones by using this simple method

If you have an account with a long friend list on the biggest social area network- Facebook, it is not easy to keep yourself updated with each and every update of your friends. Now think once, if you want to get updates about a friend/family member. It crazy, you need to scroll entire Facebook timeline and look closely into it. There are few steps which will help you to keep track of updates about those friends. Please follow below steps-

Setting up ‘Close Friends’ List

In order to keep track of updates about a friend/family member, you need to add that member to ‘Close Friends’ list. While it’s not enough to add that member in ‘Close Friend’ list, you will also need to adjust the notification settings.

Please follow the below steps to set up ‘Close Friends’ list-

  • Open Facebook List Management Pagethen click on ‘Close Friends’.close-friends-9to5net-com
  • Click ‘Edit List’ (available at right-hand corner).close-friends-edit-9to5net-com
  • A pop-up window will open. Click on the drop-down menu labeled ‘On This List’ and select ‘Friends’.close-friends-edit-pop-up-9to5net-com
  • Now you click on the friends’ pictures or you can also search by name.
  • After it, click on ‘Finish’.

Adjust ‘Notification Settings’ to get updates

As we said, adding a friend/family member in ‘Close Friend’ list is not enough to keep track of update related to that member, you will also need to adjust the notification settings.

Please follow below steps to adjust the notification settings-

  • Open the main menu of Facebook (available in the right-hand corner), choose ‘Settings’.facebook-settings-9to5net-com
  • Click on ‘Notifications’ > Click ‘Edit’ for ‘On Facebook’ .facebook-notifications-9to5net-com
  • For ‘Close Friends Activity’, Select appropriate method to be notified about updates (‘On Facebook and Email’ or ‘Facebook Only’).facebook-notifications-settings-9to5net-com

Now all good, you will have no need to scroll through your all the feeds. Above settings will help you to get updates from people you are closest to. Also, you will get mobile notifications (on your smartphone) or via email for each update.


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