[How to] Avoid auto tagging on Facebook

Facebook, a commonly used social media platform. We use it to share our thoughts, videos, upload pictures, and much more. Facebook is used by billions of people every day. Facebook has got it’s set of privacy features but you may not like the default setting. Hold command as to who should be allowed to tag you in their posts. We all have friends who are fond of uploading images to Facebook and it’s quite often that you may end up getting tagged in those images. On occasions, you may wish to get tagged only with prior permissions.

facebook-tagThe default settings of Facebook allow friends tag you to their posts and images. Now let’s walk through the steps as to how can we refrain to all these joyful features.

Step 1 : Point the arrow to the right corner of facebook and choose “Settings”.

disable-autotagging-on-facebook-1Step 2 : Click “Timeline and Tagging” from the menu option.

disable-autotagging-on-facebook-2Step 3 : Now from the portion of texts, you can modify and apply the settings for reviewing tags as to who all can view those tags and limit yourself to appear on tag suggestions for images.

disable-autotagging-on-facebook-3Now hold the control over your name getting attached on facebook. Hope you all like this article, your feedback is important to us. Keep us posted in the comment section.


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