[How to] Save Google Image Search results in Chrome

I love puppies, I normally search cute pictures of puppies on Google and save it to my collection. I saw a picture of very cute puppy a few months back but I was in hurry, therefore not able to bookmark or save on my phone storage. But Google has provided a solution for it (initially I was not aware of it). Using this Google’s features, you can save Google Image Search results in Chrome.

So here are the steps for the same-

  • On your mobile, open Google Chrome browser and search images of  cute puppies (you can search pictures whatever you like).google-image-search
  • Now tap on an image whatever you like and press the ‘star icon’ to the bottom right of the image to save.google-image-search-puppy
  • If you are doing it first time with your Google Account, it will show below message.google-image-search-msg
  • After saving, a new banner display that lets you view all saved images. You can tap on it, or open www.google.com/save to see all saved images. The URL works from your mobile device as well as computers.google-image-search-1
  • Google also provide a facility tp organise your saved images with tags. It will make easier to find any image among many images. Tap on an image you have saved, press pencil icon to edit it.google-image-search-3
  • Now add a tag at the bottom. Enter the name of the tag and tap on ‘CREATE’ and press ‘Done’. A new tag will be created similar to below image.google-image-search-7

That’s all…

Note: Initially this was labeled as ‘Collections’ but later on Google renamed it to ‘Tags’.

As per my personal experience, this feature is very useful and simple in comparison to Pinterest. What do you think? Share your thoughts in comment section.


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