[How to] Set Facebook to play videos in HD by default on the Web

Nowadays, Facebook is World’s largest social networking website. In a day, million of Facebook users share and watch videos on Facebook but while playing any video on Facebook, you probably want to see them in the best quality available. Normally video starts playing with default playback settings but you can change these settings and set it to play videos in HD by default in Web.facebook-hd-video-9to5net-com

Please follow these quick steps to force videos on Facebook’s website to load in HD quality by default-

Step:1 – Open your Facebook account on the Web.

Step:2 – Click on Facebook Menu in the top right corner and choose ‘Settings’ option.facebook-settings-9to5net-com

Step:3 – Now on the left-hand side, click on ‘Videos’ option.

Step:4 – In ‘Video Settings’ section, there is an option to ‘Default Video Quality’, select the ‘HD if available’ option in the drop down menu.facebook-settings-videos-hd-if-available-9to5net-com

Now you are good. Each time when you play a video on Facebook, if an HD version is available, it will load for you automatically. Please note that HD videos will use more bandwidth and may take a bit longer to load, depending on internet connection speed.


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