Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus pricing and storage versions leaked, 256GB iPhone is on the card

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are the most awaited smartphone of the year, and are just a week away from now. Apple has officially confirmed the September 7 event for the launch event. Everyone is speculating everything about the next iPhone and pricing is what’s on everyone’s mind on the top for this year’s iPhone. So for all of you, Apple’s largest wholesaler in China – Leleda – has leaked the information regarding pricing and storage variants before the launch event.

According to the information shared by Leleda, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will come in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB versions. That means, Apple is in no mood to continue with 16GB and 64GB iPhone models and doubled the storage options for the upcoming iPhones when compared to the 16GB, 64GB, 128GB variants we had so far through the years. 

iPhone 7 leaked pricing for various models:

  • 32GB – CNY 5288 ($790) (Rs. 53,000)
  • 128GB – CNY 6088 ($910) (Rs. 61,000)
  • 256GB – CNY 7088 ($1060) (Rs. 71,000)

iPhone 7 Plus leaked pricing for various models:

  • 32GB – CNY 6088 ($910) (Rs. 61,000)
  • 128GB – CNY 6888 ($1030) (Rs. 69,000)
  • 256GB – CNY 7888 ($1180) (Rs. 79,000)

You should keep in mind that these are just the expected leaked prices, official information will be announced at the September 7 event. Also the above prices are for the SIM-free model of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Users in India needs to note that the above pricing in rupees are at the current exchange rates and does not includes additional charges and fees. Indian government has eased the norms that there is no custom/import duties on smartphones worth up to INR 50,000, but the above prices are more than INR 50,000 limit, so you may have to pay more for your iPhone 7.

In addition to the leaked pricing and storage details, a packaging information sheet of an iPhone 7 Plus is also leaked which confirms that there will be a 256GB iPhone model.

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Other details in the leaked packaging sheet confirms the contents of the iPhone retail box. In the box customers will find a EarPod headphones with a Lightning Connector along with a Lightning to headphone jack adapter which allows you to use your existing headphones. The package also includes Lightning to USB cable and USB power adapter.



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