Is SEO in Danger? Again?

seo in danger

In the Google IO 2024, Google officially announced the launch of SGE (Search Generative Experience) in the USA and globally by the end of the year. AI Overviews is nothing else but SGE. Watching this news, many SEO pessimists have started panicking and losing their minds.

Google is smart and has always come up with new updates and algorithms looking at trends and requirements.

Whenever Google makes any changes or releases an update, it majorly affects two types of audiences:

  1. Ones who use bad practices to rank high and often worry about getting penalized or losing traffic
  2. Ones who use both white and black SEO practices to keep their returning users on track.

As long as things go smoothly, everyone feels they are doing a great job and are the only genius to crack how to rank high on search results. But whenever Google comes with an update, everything turns up down for these users.

They feel SEO is no more and quitting this practice is the right thing to do. However, we disagree here.

Google is like a Casino. You put in all your mind and hope for everything to go as you wish, but it’s their platform and they are the ones that make rules. So, at the end of the day, even if you lose your game or money, you can’t be mad at the casino. It is you who made the choice to go and play the game. You chose SEO over other digital marketing practices and if the rules are changing, you need to start working on the new strategy rather than quitting your play.

Google will always make the decisions that will be profitable as well as keep its users connected to the platform. You are a digital marketer and you are thinking about the new change (AI Overviews) as an SEO expert. But, if you think from a user’s point of view, it is a great step.

So, even if you think SEO is dead or in danger, we would say No.

You have the option to block Google Gemini from using your content to train its AI system.

Secondly, the new SGE concept is nothing major but a more glorified featured snippet.

SEO is still a great marketing method, it is changing but that doesn’t mean everything is over.

Except the new changes and adapt.

Soon, we will be discussing more about how you can work on SGE and improve your rankings.

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