Will You Buy the Ultra-Thin iPhone 17 If It Means Sacrificing Battery Life?

iphone 17

In our previous update, we notified Apple that they are soon going to design a new model iPhone 17 Slim, but here is another update from our source. 

We have obtained fresh information regarding the possible 2025 release date of Apple’s revised ultra-thin iPhone high-end model. It is possible that this modification will result in a reduced battery life, especially when compared to the Pro Max variant. If a smaller battery meant a thinner design, would you find that worth it?

Jeff Pu anticipated in early May that a new “Slim” model would replace the Plus variant in the iPhone 17 lineup. Then, a more detailed report on the purported features was published by The Information, which claimed that the 2025 small iPhone would cost more than the Pro Max and be “much thinner” than existing iPhone models.

Along with its incredibly thin shape, the new, high-end iPhone 17 is anticipated to have a display that is no larger than the existing Pro Max models, measuring between 6.12 and 6.69 inches.

Apple will have to pick between sacrificing longer battery life or making some technological or efficiency changes in order to stay “much thinner” and larger.

Did you know iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro have a shorter battery life in comparison to the Pro Max and Plus versions? And for the majority of users, those still provide an all-day battery. Hence, choosing an extremely thin iPhone with a lesser battery won’t be such a big deal. Am I right?

What’s your take on this?

Will you choose an incredibly tiny iPhone over one with a shorter battery life?


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