New Xperia Concept firmware release improves tap-to-wake, brings battery fixes and other improvements

Sony has released a new firmware update for Xperia Concept with the build number MOB31E.Z1.3657. The new release brings some long-standing fixes such as tap-to-wake and battery info problem. In the past many Concept owners face the issue where the phone would wake unintentionally if double tap to wake was enabled. Now with the new update, tap to wake now checks the proximity sensor before waking the display to prevent pocket dials.

In another improvement, it fixes some of the battery info issues which allows you to turn off the battery percent value displayed through the System UI Tuner. But this needs to be activated first, you can find the System UI Tuner in your Settings menu, swipe down on the status bar and long-press the settings cog until it starts spinning. You will then be able to toggle “Show embedded battery percentage”.


In addition to this, the new release also brings latest Xperia Home launcher with Google Now integration, the latest Google Security patches and more. It also adds an Easter Egg within the latest release. Here’s is the complete changelog:

Xperia Concept release notes (MOB31E.Z1.3657)

– New version of Home 10.2.A.1.12
– New version of InTouch 1.8.1
– Something fun for you to discover
– Fixes in low battery mode.
– Fix for headsets buttons
– Tap to wake now checks the proximity sensor
– The battery percent follow adopt to app color as the other status bar icons
– The battery percent displayed can now be turned off in System UI Tuner
– The battery percent follow “Demo mode”
– Google security patches (1st October)


The new Xperia Concept release would have been already reached to the users on the Concept programme. If you have not received it, check out the software update notification in Settings > About phone > Software update to download the latest version.



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