OnePlus Watch 2 Introduces Two Exciting New Apps

OnePlus Watch 2

Looking at the growing Wear OS Market, there is a lot of competition going on. Many brands are launching their products with exclusive features to stand out from their competitors. The OnePlus Watch 2 has also turned out to be a solid competition in this growing market. It has only been a few months, and the brand is already leaving its mark. It recently received a large upgrade that includes a rest app, a barometer function, and some great quality-of-life enhancements.

The big update is rolling out in some of the major countries like the USA, India, and even in some parts of Europe. It goes by the version name OPWWE231_11_A.94 (via Android Authority). It appears to provide a good number of capabilities to the watch, adding to its utility rather than radically altering OnePlus’s goals.

The major addition to this product is two separate apps. The addition of a brand-new Barometer program is the first app that helps measure the environmental pressure and display it along with the estimated elevation.  It’s convenient to have in watches that you’ll probably use for general travel or hiking.

The second app is called Relax which works quite similarly to other watches like the Pixel Watch series, providing short-term breathing cues to help manage stress. Having it in the app drawer is helpful, particularly if you use the watch for fitness or other activities.

OnePlus has made some significant enhancements to the watch’s functionality in addition to those two apps. For example, you can turn off Tap to Wake to extend battery life. Furthermore, music may now be accessible while working out without closing the app. Additionally, OnePlus has made a battery tile easily accessible on the OnePlus Watch 2‘s home screen.

Overall changes include:

  • maximizes the presentation of data while working out.
  • allows you to use the Music Controller by swiping left while working out.
  • adds the apps Barometer and Relax.
  • adds new functionality to the Phone app in Power Saver mode, such as the ability to view call logs, favorite contacts, and view contacts.
  • provides functionality for disabling “Tap to wake.”
  • improves the feeling of taking off a watch face.
  • enhances a few health and exercise algorithms.
  • resolves further concerns that are known.

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