[How to] Convert media files using VLC player

These days free application are easy to find that can be used for converting  music and videos but they normally come with a catch. Installation of such applications may lead to several other tools getting to your computer. We may also find several ads getting popped all over the system which is quite annoying and frustrating.

In case you have got VLC media player available on your desktop, you may find it quite easy to convert all audio and video files to the formats supported by the device you wish to play the final result. Let’s look at the steps to convert the same in VLC media player-

Step 1 : Open VLC media player and navigate to “Media” option.


Step 2 :  Under Media select “Convert/Save”. Click “Add” and choose the file you desire to get converted.


Step 3 :  From the profile drop-down box, pick a format. Just make sure that the selected option is supported by the device you wish to play on.


Step 4 :  Finally choose the destination (path) and give a name for the converted file, then click “start”.


In spite of VLC falling short when it comes to attractive features, it gets the conversion task completed smoothly.


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