[How to] Add an emoji keyboard to Chrome on Windows

We are using emojis to enhance the conversation in order to express our views in an effective manner, it’s very easy when you are using your smartphone to tweet something on twitter or posting something on Facebook. Few websites (like Facebook) are providing the option to send the emojisĀ but few website are not. For those websites which are not providing the option for emojis, we can use the emoji keyboard, which is available for Chrome Web Browser on Windows. Using this, you can send emojis with just a few clicks. Please follow the below steps to do the same-

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click below to install Emoji Keyboard extension for Chrome.click-to-download
  • A new window will be open with the pop-up of Emoji Keyboard.emoji-keyboard-1
  • Click on ‘ADD TO CHROME’.
  • Click onĀ ‘Add extension’.
  • It will be integrated with your Chrome browser and a small icon (at right-hand side) will appear like below.
  • Click the Emoji Keyboard button in the Chrome toolbar.emoji-keyboard-4
  • Now type your message and add emojis.
  • Press Copy when finished.
  • Paste your text and emojis into the Web versions of social media.

The emojis will translate from outlined to colorful versions.

Note: Most of the emojis are supported by each service and social media website but you may find some that do not transform into their enhanced version.

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