[How to] Add one-click shortcuts for recent downloads in Chrome

When you download something using Google Chrome browser, shortcuts for all the downloaded items appear at the bottom of the screen, you can use these shortcuts to open the file as well as file location of those downloaded items. If you will close that bar, all the icons will disappear and you need to open those items using the download manager of Google Chrome. To access the Download Manager of Google Chrome, you need to follow below steps-

  1. Open Google Chrome Web Browser.
  2. Open the ‘Menu’ (three dots at right-hand side corner).download-menu
  3. Click on ‘Downloads’.
  4. You can also use a shortcut ‘Ctrl+J’ for opening Download Window.download-window

Using this window, you can access all the downloaded items and their locations. But we can create a one-click shortcut to access Download manager for this and you don’t need to click many times to access Download Manager of Google Chrome. Please follow the below steps to access Download Manager in single-click-

  • Open Google Chrome Web Browser.download-window-bookmark
  • Open URL – chrome://downloads in your browser.
  • Click on ‘Star’  (available at next to the link).


Press ‘Ctrl+D’  (it is a shortcut to bookmark any URL).

  • Save it to your Bookmark bar (you can change the name of the shortcut accordingly).

Next time you can access the Download Manager using this bookmarked icon.

Note:  Above method will not hide the Download bar which appears along the bottom of the page.

Using this single click option, you can perform few tasks more quickly like open selected files, their locations, cancel ongoing downloads, or retry failed ones through the list. To remove an item from the list, right-click it and delete button (X) will appear.

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