[How to] Add Chrome bookmarks to the Android home screen

Normally when you will open Google Chrome browser on your Android device, it will welcome you with a page having the shortcuts of last visited websites. Needless to say, it’s very useful, if you want to open again those websites on your browser, but if you want to visit any specific website, you will need to open your bookmarks and then tap the link.google-chrome-on-android-screenWe are going to tell you a simple method, using it you can¬†bypass these extra steps by adding Chrome Bookmarks to your Android home screen. Please follow below steps-

  • You need to ‘Press’ and ‘Hold’¬†on the home screen of your android device, you want to place the bookmark shortcut on.
  • Select ‘Widgets’ from the menu.
  • You need to tap ‘Apps and Widgets’, or a similarly named ‘menu’ option (it totally depends on your device).
  • ‘Press’ and ‘Hold’ on the ‘Chrome Bookmarks’ Widget.google-chrome-on-android-screen-1
  • Now, ‘Drag’ it to the home screen of your choice (To successfully add a new widget, there will be a space on your home screen).google-chrome-on-android-screen-2
  • Choose a bookmarked website from your collection.
  • You will see the name of the widget’s icon change to the site’s name.

Tap to open the website.google-chrome-on-android-screen-3That’s it. We are good now. You can add as many bookmarks as you like, and on as many different home screens, as you like, space permitting. If you don’t see your bookmarks from your desktop available on the list, you may need to enable Chrome’s sync feature. Hope you liked this article, keep us posted in comments.


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