Do you know where shuffle is in iOS 10 music player?

Hope you all aware that Apple has released its next version of mobile OS – iOS 10 and started rolling out it to Apple devices. If you want to check that your Apple device is compatible with iOS 10 or not- Click here. In iOS 10, Apple has made some changes in UI of its music player, due to this many people are not able to find out this shuffle option in iOS 10 music player. There is a video available (below) in this article but we would like to suggest to do some exercise on Apple device which is running on iOS 10 before watching it.

In this exercise- Try to find out the shuffle option in iOS 10 music player within 10 seconds.

Are you done?…. Times up!!

Please let us know in comments if you are able to find out shuffle option in given time. Now watch this video-

If you are not able to find out the shuffle option, don’t worry. You are not the only one, there are many people seem to be stumped in this simple exercise to find the Shuffle button. We are still not sure why Apple has placed shuffle option out of the direct view. This option is also not available in the new Control Center card, which has enough space to fit more buttons.

For the users, this problem is exclusive to the smaller displays of the iPhone and iPod touch, however, it is quite clear on the iPad due to the bigger display. Please post your thoughts in the comment section, if you have any idea about this shuffle option moved out of the direct view of apple devices having a small display.


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