Sony confirm to sell only ‘premium’ smartphones in India

Sony confirms that company will sell only ‘Premium’ smartphones in India. Company has already decided to “defocus” on certain markets like India, USA, China and Brazil. This decision will create a massive change in Mobile Market. In a interview with TOI, Vijay Singh Jaswal, head of Sony India’s Xperia business exposed new business policy.SONY-CONFIRM-TO-SELL-ONLY-PREMIUM-SMARTPHONES-IN INDIA

He said-

“Sony Mobile drove transformation in FY15 towards a profitable and sustainable company globally including the areas mentioned. As part of our transformation, we are sharpening our focus on select products and sales channels.

Considering the recent shift, our marketing strategy will now revolve around offering premium products in the smartphone segment.”

Sony has seen a 55% YoY increase in average selling price in the Indian market in Q1 2016, therefore company will continue to focus on the high-end segment.

He added-

“Going forward we [Sony] aim to launch flagship products for our customers in India which will further enhance our presence in the market.”

Since they are going to offer only premium devices, it may cause that Xperia M or Xperia E series may not launch in our country in future. We are looking forward that how company will grow and sustain by offering niche product in India. As per latest IDC report- Sony has been struggling in the smartphone market lately. Right now the mobile market has been captured by Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi.



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