[How to] Transfer contacts from Android to iOS- Step by Step

Most of the Android users switch their phones to iPhone, which is very easy job but transfer the contacts to from Android phone to iPhone is not a easy job for all users. So we have filtered some ways, by using them you can easily migrate the contacts from Android phone to iPhone. android-to-apple-contact-transferSo lets have a look on these methods-

1. Using Gmail

This is an easiest way of transferring contacts from Android smartphone to iPhone and also it is very safe. If you are Android user, you should be holding an Gmail account. To sync the contacts to Gmail account, follow below steps-

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Tap to Accounts.
  • Select Google.
  • There must be an option of Sync Contacts. Tap on it and it will sync all you contacts to your Gmail address book account.

Now on your iPhone-

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Mail.
  • Select Contacts and Calendars
  • Tap on Add Account.
  • Now select Google and sign-in using the Google account with which you’ve synced your contacts.

Note: Make sure you have ‘Contacts’ enabled in the settings before the sync.

2. Export contacts through native Contacts App

On your Android smartphone, open Native Contacts App and you can select options to Import/Export contacts in VCF file which can be imported to iPhone.

3. Use Move to iOS app

‘Move’ is also a simplest way to transfer contacts from Android to iOS, it works only when your iPhone is set up from scratch. So if you are already using iPhone, before using Move app you need to reset the device. Steps are as below-

  • When you are going to setting up the iPhone, an ‘Apps and Data’ window is displayed.
  • Select ‘Move Data from Android’.
  • Once the terms and conditions are agreed to, the app shows a 10-digit code which has to be entered on the old Android device from which you wish to move the contacts.
  • Once both phones are synced, you can select whichever contacts you need to transfer.

Note: Move App works only with iPhone s which are set up from scratch.

4.With third party apps

There are lot of apps available for migrating contact from Android Smartphone to iOS devices. Before choosing these apps make sure that the App must be available for Android and iOS. Most of the apps email the VCF files and email it to you. After emailing it, you need to open that email account on your iPhone and download the VCF files which will directly import all the contacts to your iOS device.

Similarly you can transfer the contacts from iOS devices to Android devices using above methods.


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