Twitter’s 140 character-limit will become longer starting next week

Starting next week, Twitter is going to change the way it counts 140 character-limit on the micro blogging platform. This is the most sought upgrade by many users in search for some extra room to compose their tweets as they want it to be. And now, Twitter is about to make a big change to the way those tweets work. According to a report from The Verge, Twitter will introduce a change about exactly which types of content will be consider against it’s 140 character-limit, starting on Monday, September 19.


Media attachments like images, GIFs, videos, polls and the @usersnames, links, quoted tweets will not be counted under 140 characters limit any more. These changes will allow users for some extra words in composing their tweets. Starting next week, the character limit will focus around the message itself — not the media attached to it. These are the considerable amount of new features, it’s not known whether all of these changes will be included simultaneously. Twitter may stop counting these contents gradually in stages against the character limit.

It is also worth mentioning here, @usernames will no longer count when they’re at the beginning of the conversation. And also, the tweets starting with @usersnames will be seen by all your followers, as long as it’s not a reply. And if you want your followers to see a reply, you have to re-tweet you reply.

It’s unclear whether the company will rollout these updates to the web version and app versions of the platform all-together or it will also be in a phased manner. But the company will at least announce these change in coming weeks.



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