Apple AirPods: All you need to know about this wireless headphone

Apple has launched AirPods during the launch event of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus  in San Fransisco. The company has killed traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack and introduced wireless earbuds named AirPods. These earbuds have some excellent features and driven by home-made wireless technology. This wireless technology is based on custom-designed Apple W1 chip which produces extremely efficient wireless for a better connection and improved sound. The W1 chip manages battery life in better way.airpods_pic1Let’s have a quick look on its features and how W1 chip supports these features-

  • Way to connect AirPods with your device

    AirPods comes with a charging case which is specially designed for these earbuds, you have to just take them out from this case. An instant pop-up will appear on your device with ‘Connect’ option. You need to tap on that option and they’re ready to use with your device. It will give you a feel of simplicity and technology, together like never before. Because the result is completely magical. W1 chip play very important role in this new way to connect wireless earbuds.official-apple-launched-apple-airpods_2

  • Sensors

    AirPods come with dual accelerometers and optical sensors. With the help of these sensors, AirPods can sense when they are in your ears, it will be automatically on and always connected. When you take them out, it will automatically pause to save battery life. By using these AirPods, you can get an amazing experience whether you are listening to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. AirPods has a mic as well. Its voice accelerometer recognizes when you are speaking and works with a pair of beamforming microphones to filter out external noise and focus on the sound of your voice. Optical sensors and motion accelerometers work with the W1 chip to automatically control the audio and engage the microphone, giving you the ability to use one or both AirPods. They also enable AirPods to play sound as soon as they’re in your ears.

  • Activate Siri using AirPods

    If you want to activate Siri without taking your iPhone out of your pocket, you just need to double-tap the AirPod to activate Siri.apples-airpods-will-use-something-better-bluetooth_1

  • What’s a W1 chip doing in there? 

    AirPods are driven by the custom-designed Apple W1 chip. It produces extremely efficient wireless for a better connection and improved sound. Apple’s homemade W1 chip manages battery life so well that you can listen for 5 hours on a single charge. Also, Optical sensors and motion accelerometers work with the W1 chip to automatically control the audio and engage the

  • Automatic setup & Seamless switching

    These wireless earbuds (AirPods)connect automatically with all your compatible Apple devices. They’re simultaneously connected to your iPhone and Apple Watch, and sound switches instantly between the devices. If you want to listen to your Mac or iPad? Just choose AirPods on those devices.airpods

  • Compatibility

    As for as compatibility is concerned, AirPods require Apple devices to be running iOS 10, watchOS 3, or macOS Sierra to work. But it also works with non-apple devices like Android devices and other smartphones running platforms other than iOS but you will not get a taste of automatic connection with those devices because that is just because of W1 chip. To pair the AirPods with non-iOS devices, you have to use the old-fashioned method using the pair button on the AirPods case and Bluetooth setting in the software.

    ** If you are going to use AirPods with non-iOS devices, some of the best features won’t be accessible. For example- the improved battery life won’t be front and center due to the fact that the integrated W1 chip isn’t working in conjunction with iOS or macOS.

Availability and Pricing

The company has not confirmed the exact date of release but says- they’re released in late October. The AirPods will cost $159.

Let’s have a quick look at Apple’s official AirPods introduction video-



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